Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Week 8 so far

Saturday I woke up and ended up staying in bed for a bit because I was in pain. My lower abdomen hurt. It was like someone purposly pressing on a sore muscle or like a dull ache. It hurt enough that I didn't want to move. I turned on my left side to increase blood circulation. I read about that somewhere. I started to feel better in a bit. I had a little bit of it yesterday morning and then last evening I was in enough pain again that I stayed in bed and didn't end up going to see Indiana Jones like I wanted. Everyone has already seen it or is not responding to my questions about it so I think I will end up going by myself. I kinda thought it would be Joe and I's first movie together but he saw it with his roommates last night.

I heard Narnia is good but I am not interested in it enough to really push the issue of seeing it. I will have to find another movie that I want for our first movie together. I want something upbeat and cool. Can't think of what else is comming out that will fit in that description. Maybe Kung Fu Panda. That comes out in June.

Anyway, I am wearing loose clothing today in the effort to reduce my "discomfort". The last two days I have been freaking out a little bit because of the pain but so far, no blood. I get my first ultrasound in a week. That will be reassuring, hopefully. Then I will be able to rule out etopic, and confirm that there is only one kid in there. If there are two thats fine as well but I would like to know sooner rather than later. Twins run in my family. I am not sure how prevelent they are but my Aunt Michele was a twin at birth.

It turns out that I am going to miss my cousin Justin's High School Graduation. I feel bad but Heather and Mom are going. They will represent me. I try not to miss anything but my first doctors appointment is Monday June 9th at 9:30am and I can't miss that. Justin's graduation is at 6pm the night before in CA. With how tired I get I don't see how I can go to the graduation and drive back safely in order to make my appointment. I know how hard it is to reschedule an appointment with Dr.Volker and I would have to ask for time off. I hope Justin will understand.

Speaking of graduations, I am planning on beeing very busy in December. I am taking a class this summer and a language class in the fall. December will include probably all of these things:
Baby Shower (Nov/Dec)
My language final (Dec 12)
Graduation (Dec)
My Birthday (Dec 15)
Christmas (Dec 25)
Car Registration (Dec/Jan)

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