Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sick Day

Well today has been interesting so far. I was poisoned by Carl's Jr. last night. Joe likes them so I went and got him dinner since he was studying for his test. I am not a Carl's fan and now I know Carl's Jr. is not a fan of me.

I got really bad chills and then spent quality time in the restroom off and on since 2am. I thought about emailing work at that time but I decided to stick it out in case that was it and I would be fine after a few hours of rest. Fast forward, it is now 9:30am and I am still in bed with visits to the bathroom. I started feeling like it was letting up so I decided to eat and start my day... get to work etc. Well a few bites through my breakfast and my stomach was like "oh no you don't". grrr. So I officially called out and am trying to regain the generally balanced feeling we usually have in our abdomens.

Why is this is the pregnancy blog? Because in the beginning I couldn't tell if something was wrong with the baby or with me due to symptom location. That was scary. Especially since I keep having dreams about going in to preterm labor... which scares me a lot. So today will be a bed day. Today is also my mom's birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!) and I took vacation days on Monday and Friday so with this sick day I am officially only working 2 days this week. Oddness.

Maybe this afternoon will be better and I will be able to get at least 1 useful thing done... hopefully. I think I'll try to sleep again now.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

week 26

Today starts week 26 for this baby bump. This baby has been moving and kicking like crazy for weeks! Such a hyper one! We still don't have a name or anything close to resembling a name. Its funny, we are in a worse position financially going in to this one but I am already more connected and can't wait to have him! With River it was about this time that they started freaking me out with the threat of bed rest etc so I didn't let myself get as connected emotionally I think.

Its going to be hard because I don't really get paid on maternity leave... 60% for the first 6 weeks only which is really going to hurt us and they don't actually pay you when they are supposed to... at least they didn't last time. Also, I had a lot of money saved up for bills last time and used all of it... this time our mortgage is higher and we have daycare in addition to our other bills and we don't have money saved. scary! but hopefully everything will work out.

River is starting to use 3 word sentences! She is so cute. She has to make sure everyone is equal. If she gives a hug to daddy, then she has to give a hug to mommy and if grandma is there, she has to have one too. If I give her juice she says River juice? yes that's River's juice. Mommy juice? Yes mommy has juice. Daddy juice? Yes daddy has juice. And then she's happy. We are teaching her about family and have been trying to get her used to the "big sister" title for little brother that's coming.

Speaking of family, the weekend before last Grandma aka Great Grandma aka GG come up for a visit. She spent time at my place hanging out with me and River. We all went to Atomic #7 and had a great ice cream experience. This weekend Grandpa & Grandma Carol aka Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Carol are in town visiting. River spent the day with Grandma, Great Grandpa, and Grandma Carol yesterday. River is very entertaining and well received by all. River also likes the family attention. She had to go to daycare for 5 days this last week and by Friday she did not want to be there anymore. She never goes for 5 days. Poor baby.

I have my glucose test tomorrow, so that should be fun (ick!). I hate needles. I anticipate that everything will be fine but I am bigger this time around since I never lost the last 20 pounds from River. Goal after this baby? get my body back so I don't feel like a tired lazy ugly lump all the time! :)

Ah and River just grabbed her juice and said "mine".... yeah she is starting to stake claim on a lot of things... ut oh baby brother! watch out!