Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bennett & River update

Bennett is wearing size 3 month clothes perfectly and I may have to start getting out another size. He is growing like a weed. I found my stats from when River was brand new and she was 12 lbs 23 inches in may... Bennett is that size now! Lol I guess River really was small we just didn't have anything to compare her to.
Last week Bennett had his 2 month appointment and shots. He was starting to get fussy all around so Dr.Blank switched his formula and since then Bennett hasn't been spitting up like he was. Dr. Blank said months 2-4 are the most sensitive for gas and spitup and irritability etc. Bennett has been having bouts of irritability here and there and routinely between 6pm to 10pm. He's driving Joe batty. 
So I think Bennett has slept through the last 2 nights! That or I'm sleeping through his 3am and 5am routine wakeup calls now. If he is sleeping thru: wahoo! I can start getting my life back just in time to go back to work!
River is in the everything is mine phase and she's starting to do the taking turns and sharing stuff too only you have to take your turn when she says and if you are using something it's automatically Rivers turn. She is using the potty a bit more so there is hope :) 
Well it's time to change bennett's diaper! He just grunted for 5 minutes lol