Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weeks 14 - 17

Week 14
The hiking trip was at the beginning of the week.

I was busy at work and swamped with my last week of school. I managed to pull off a 96 in the class (awesome and unexpected) and our team project recieved the comment "exceeds assignment expectations". Very cool. We worked all the time on that for 3 weeks straight.

Joe had orientation and we had our 2nd doctors appointment. Apparently I measured at 14 1/2 weeks at the end of my 14th week. Seems about right. We set-up appointment 3 and an ultrasound for August 8th to find out gender (hopefully, if the baby isn't shy). I want to calm the phone calling masses so they can buy "the cutest thing they just saw" for a girl/boy "if they only knew which one it was" ;) Also, it will help us think of names.

Week 15
If I hadn't mentioned it before, by this point I had started crying over everything. Very very hard to keep my emotions in check and tears don't seem to listen well. My clothes suck and I am generally uncomfortable at this time.

Joe started working at the Palazzo as EMT/Security. He is still in school for his EMT Intermediate level and was waiting to know his days off to schedule the last of his 5 12hr clinicals for the class.

I forgot to mention that we were watching my friends' sugargliders. They are living in a giant cage in the kitchen. My sense of smell and my gag reflex hates them even though they are cute to look at.

Week 16
Smells still suck and my work clothes make me want to run around naked at work. Mom took me shopping for work maternity clothes (Thank God and Thank You Mom!). Now work isn't as bad as it was.

Joe and I got to spend some actually time together this week, which was great and much needed. Earlier in the week I met with a friend for "coffee" (boba tea for me)and got to talk about my frustration with Joe's family. Maybe I'll go into it later but things haven't changed and Joe has decided not to deal with it for a while. Too much going on between school, work, clinicals, and sleep (whenever that occurs).

Justin was in town, which was awesome. (Is a good friend of mine) He lives in Denver and is getting married in October. With Justin in town, Sushi was inevitable. Good thing for me I like the baked rolls with little to no fish content so I could still eat with everyone and not eat actual sushi. The vegetable tempora was good too.

Week 17
I am in the middle of this week right now. I have been very tired this week, but I managed to pick-up vitamins and go out to dinner. The sugargliders finally left us and my friends took us to the Melting Pot as a thank you. I am very happy with this thank you as I love that place. We had fun and the food is spaced out enough that I got to enjoy everything without getting full so fast.

My recent refill for my prenatals made breathing difficult. I think I reacted to something. So my doctor's office told me I could take Flintstones chewable vitamins and folic acid. Mom got me folic acid that disolves in my mouth. Yeay! These are vitamins I can handle.

This weekend I am going to Bakersfield, CA to get coached and sing with my quartet. We leave Thursday after work. I have a feeling I will be sleeping the whole way there if I can get comfortable. I am very tired right now. 15 minutes until I can leave work!!! I am meeting Mom at the mall to look for black flats I can wear to work etc. I'm hungry. Hopefully I will get there early enough to grab a snack... night all!

Monday, July 7, 2008

week 14

This weekend was busy. Friday Joe and I went to Mom and Gary's for dinner and fireworks. Heather, Christine and David, and Dana were there. Joe and I invited Ar and he came as well. It was a fun bunch. Gary bought a value-pack of fireworks for us to play with. Ar brought dry ice and water. The smaller bottles were fine, but the 2 liter bottle set off car alarms when it blew up. That was the end of science for the night.

Saturday Joe and I went over to Stacey's for a bbq and some pool time. I was really tired by the end. I got home and turned on the free audio for the webcast of the quartet finals. They did enough stuff in the beginning that I didn't miss any of the quartets! I layed in bed and listened. I really only liked 2 quartets. OC Times of course because I have friends in that quartet and they have progressively gotten better each year, and Crossroads... a quartet formed of 4 guys with gold medals from different quartets. OC Times won! yeay! :)

Sunday I had planned to go to Mt. Charleston with Bethany but she had back problems and had to cancel. I had already invited Christine, David, and Ar so we all went and hiked the Fletcher Canyon trail. It took forever for me to get up the trail. I had to stop so many times because my heart was beating so fast and I couldn't breathe. I found out from my doctors office that it is because I have more places that blood needs to go so my heart is already working harder than normal and therefore I am not getting enough oxygen everywhere for that kind of exercise. Going down the trail and on flat surfaces was no problem at all. I feel very out of shape.

Friday, July 4, 2008

so... lots to say

I am 1 day away from completing week 13. The smell issue has not gotten better. I am battleing it with strong flavors of gum, candy, and juice. Hmm.. let me recap the missing weeks, if I can remember them.

So Joe drove to Bullhead, AZ to take his National Registry renewal test a few weeks ago. The earliest one in Vegas was mid-July so he found another option. He passed (of course) and when he got his card in the mail he went to the Clark county office and got his local cards. Yeay! He interviewed with the Palazzo back at the end of May and they had been checking with him periodically to see if he had been able to get his National certification renewed. They put him thourgh background check right after the interview so I new they wanted to hire him. Joe had to jump through so many hoops to get all this stuff done... it was crazy. Anyway, in the beginning of June he moved in and a week later he started his class for EMT Intermediate. That class needed him to get a uniform and a bunch of shots. I don't like needles. This week his class started live IVs on eachother. Creepy! His hand was all swollen and now his knuckles are bruised.

My friends Mark and Serena are getting married tomorrow. Joe and I are watching their sugar gliders while they are on their honeymoon. My mom is watching their rabbit. I am so glad she was willing to do that for me. I didn't have room for the rabbit unless I took over the bathroom Joe has claimed. The transport of the animals was a harrowing experience. The smell of the cages in the confined space of my car was rediculous. The furballs and the rabbit were transported on two different days so I had to go through the whole thing of driving across town trapped with smelly animals twice in one week. Mark is picking up the animals from me and my mom. I will not ride with them again. When we were putting up the cage and trying to get the sugar gliders in Joe said we will never watch exotic pets again, "just say no". But after they were up and around, he started palying with them and I think he fell in love. They are really cute but the smell of the cage is too much for me most mornings.

My stomach is definitely bumpy. I bought these things called the Bella Band so I could wear my pants longer. I wear them unzipped. Check out the website to see how they work... so far its been great: http://www.ingridandisabel.com/ I think Heather is going to borrow one to see if it will work for her pant issues while she is still healing from her surgery. I will need to buy new cloths soon though. I cant zip up my pants very far anymore at all. I have been between 155-156 lbs for weeks and the last two days I have weighed in at 158 lbs. My main concern is a bra. I still have not gotten a new one and I am desperate. My cups literally overflow. Its crazy.

The quest for gender is stil on. Dad calls everytime he, or Bruce and Patty, finds something cute for a baby. Everyone except for Gary is voting girl. I'm starting to think that Gary might be disappointed. Who knows? Could be a boy. Our next doctors appointment is a week from today. Joe and I decided we would ask the doctor when we could find out the gender. We have no ideas for names yet.

So, everyone knows except for Joe's mom and the swing dance people (because I have been too tired to go out so I haven't seen them in a while). Joe's mom is a tricky situation. She seems to get angry easily and when she heard that Joe had moved here she wouldn't see him. That makes it hard to tell her about the minihuman. But I'm sure she will find out. Especially since everyone in our families know except her. Joe's family really confuses me. They don't seem to operate the way most families do. Actually, it seems like a lot of the conflict stems from his mom and oddly enough his brother seems to jump on the bandwagon. I'm not sure what that is about because I knew him before and he was fun to be around. His entire attitude changes when he addresses Joe and it seems like he is trying to put him down. Not supportive at all. I am so thankful for my crazy family. We may be odd, and family members might disagree with things the other family members do but we always let them know we love them and stand by them if they are doing something that makes them happy. Even if someone screws up majorly, we can't just dismiss them. They are our family. They are my family. I'm glad Joe seems more like my family than his. His cousins are cool though.

This week is the men's international competition in Nashville and I can't even watch the webcast because I am at work. Lame! I will be at the one next year in Anaheim. Its so close... how could I miss it! I will have to save up though because I am planning on going to Nashville next year for the womens international!

Alright thats enough for today. :)