Monday, April 28, 2008

Pregnancy so far...

Lets get caught up:


On the weekend of April 11-13 Joe and I concieved. In the weeks following, I started to feel a little bit of pressure in my lower abdomen. Then all the fun began.


Last Sunday I was anxious, then horney, and then I cried and cried, then laughed and cried sommore. My emotions were all over the place. Joe didn’t get it at first and apparently wasn’t receiving my text messages. I tried to explain to him that even though my mind seemed to be functioning like normal, by body/hormones/emotions were not. Hard to do over the phone when you sound like a raving lunatic but I think he finally caught on.


On Monday I was uncomfortable in my clothes and was extremely tired by the time I got home. I made my self pick-up my dry cleaning and had a strangely strong craving for something beef & mushroom creamy. I have no idea which fast food places serve what. I ended up getting some sort of steak sandwhich at Jack-in-the-Box.


On Tuesday I was so angry at the world I wanted to yell and scream over nothing at all … inexplicablely angry. Then I went to Chris’ and ate a bunch of ice cream and watched one of the last shows I had sitting on his DVR. Then I packed until I could barly see straight and drove home. My back hurt and I was exhausted by 11pm.


On Wednesday I was severly irritated but I got cable! Thanks to Heather waiting at my place. I went to Chris’ to pack  until I was so tired I had to drive home around 11pm again. I felt really hot temp-wise for the last half of the day.


On Thursday I had a really good lunch and chat and although I was sad in the morning, the rest of the day was really fun and I was in a good mood. Then I went to David Burke to see Chance and experience the Cheesecake Lollipop Tree. I was so sleepy after that. I ended up ditching Chris’ and I tried to work on my essay until I fell asleep. I was ready to sleep at 7pm. Oh and I was hot all day long.  


On Friday I woke up early and decided to take a pregnancy test. It was positive. The second line was a little blurry but very “there”. I was so excited I called and woke up Joe to tell him. Work was good. Fridays are usually fun. I was hot and had Elsy and Bethany feel my head. They both said I was hot. I didn’t explain why. After work I frantically worked on my essay and had to force myself to stay awake. After I turned in my essay (when I was out of time, not when I was finished) I watched TV and tried to stay awake for Joe and Dad to get into town. I gave up and went to bed… way too tired.


Got up early Saturday and got the uhaul. Dad packed up the Uhaul by himself.. I was still packing boxes and he wouldn’t let me lift anything heavy. Joe and Dad unpacked the truck later. I took another test and it was a strong right away positive.


Got up early Sunday and turned the uhaul back in. I was tired all day. I played with Squeaks a lot. I love that dog. It’s the cutest most adorable puppy ever.


Today I’m at work. Its Monday. Dad, Joe, and Squeaks left this morning. It will be lonely tonight. I have had mild to strongish cramps for the last 4 days. Only about once or twice per day. If I can lay down flat they tend to go away faster. Its weird. Well, that’s all for now. The laundry list of days was just to get caught up.


I am currently on week 4 of the incubation of the minihuman. J