Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting caught up

On June 4th we had our first ultrasound. I will post the pictures here later when I have time. It was neat. We heard the heartbeat and everything. The doctor gave us the pictures on a CD and told us to bring it in next time we do an ultrasound and she will add the pictures onto the disk. Very cool.
Last week (week 10) Joe and I had our first doctors appointment. The doctor took a ton of blood from me and two vials from Joe (he doesn't know his blood type and I am O neg). I called in sick for the rest of the day since my appointment took so long. Joe ended up getting stabbed 3 more times to keep all his immunizations current. Medical people and needles... bleh.
I have a REALLY strong sense of smell. Going in and out of my office is the worst part of my day. I gag at least 3-4 times each way. Thankfully I haven't thrown up yet. That would be horrible and probably terrifying to passer bys. Today was really bad at first because I started gagging as soon as I left my apartment. I sat in my car for a few minutes and tried to calm down. I have tried walking in with a mask, sniffing a tea bag, essetial oils, etc. I seem to do alright one day and then the next day the same smells just kill me. Today was the first day I was able to make it from my car to my office. I brought peach juice with me and held a sip in my mouth while walking. I swirled it around and concentrated on that smell instead of what my nose might be smelling. I noticed the other day that I did better when I was drinking my water on the way out to my car so juice is my new tactic. Hopefully it will work tonight and still work tomorrow. I need to buy more juice because that was my last one.
Well, I am tired, sick of working, and have homework to do for my summer class. At least So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight. Wahoo!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rest of 8 and some of 9

Joe got into town on Wednesday and had his job interviews on Thursday. I think it went well. He found out his National Registry Accredidation had not been processed and that someone he called had not put everything through right so now he is getting that cleared up so he can be an EMT in Nevada. I think the Palazzo will hire him once he gets that card because after the interview they put him through backround check. I just hope everything gets done at about the same time so there won't be any waiting.
Joe and I went to San Francisco this weekend. It was a neat trip. We flew on Virgin America and I would definitely recommend it. It was so cool. The seats were black leather and the seat backs were white and shiny like storm troopers. They had black and dark pink lights on in the cabin. It was a very furturistic feel when you first walked in. The seats each have their own TV in the chair back in front of you. On the TV you can play games, chat with other people in the plane, watch different TV stations, rent movies, listen to music, compose a playlist, and order your drink and/or food so the flight attendant doesn't even have to ask you. It was very cool.
San Francisco was neat. We took the BART system from the airport to a stop that was right by our hotel. We stayed two streets away from the trolleys. On Saturday we took a cab to the Exploritorium and afterwards we walked all the way to Pier 39.
Flying back I was very thankful that I could order extra food and had a TV to distract me from my nausea.