Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weeks 14 - 17

Week 14
The hiking trip was at the beginning of the week.

I was busy at work and swamped with my last week of school. I managed to pull off a 96 in the class (awesome and unexpected) and our team project recieved the comment "exceeds assignment expectations". Very cool. We worked all the time on that for 3 weeks straight.

Joe had orientation and we had our 2nd doctors appointment. Apparently I measured at 14 1/2 weeks at the end of my 14th week. Seems about right. We set-up appointment 3 and an ultrasound for August 8th to find out gender (hopefully, if the baby isn't shy). I want to calm the phone calling masses so they can buy "the cutest thing they just saw" for a girl/boy "if they only knew which one it was" ;) Also, it will help us think of names.

Week 15
If I hadn't mentioned it before, by this point I had started crying over everything. Very very hard to keep my emotions in check and tears don't seem to listen well. My clothes suck and I am generally uncomfortable at this time.

Joe started working at the Palazzo as EMT/Security. He is still in school for his EMT Intermediate level and was waiting to know his days off to schedule the last of his 5 12hr clinicals for the class.

I forgot to mention that we were watching my friends' sugargliders. They are living in a giant cage in the kitchen. My sense of smell and my gag reflex hates them even though they are cute to look at.

Week 16
Smells still suck and my work clothes make me want to run around naked at work. Mom took me shopping for work maternity clothes (Thank God and Thank You Mom!). Now work isn't as bad as it was.

Joe and I got to spend some actually time together this week, which was great and much needed. Earlier in the week I met with a friend for "coffee" (boba tea for me)and got to talk about my frustration with Joe's family. Maybe I'll go into it later but things haven't changed and Joe has decided not to deal with it for a while. Too much going on between school, work, clinicals, and sleep (whenever that occurs).

Justin was in town, which was awesome. (Is a good friend of mine) He lives in Denver and is getting married in October. With Justin in town, Sushi was inevitable. Good thing for me I like the baked rolls with little to no fish content so I could still eat with everyone and not eat actual sushi. The vegetable tempora was good too.

Week 17
I am in the middle of this week right now. I have been very tired this week, but I managed to pick-up vitamins and go out to dinner. The sugargliders finally left us and my friends took us to the Melting Pot as a thank you. I am very happy with this thank you as I love that place. We had fun and the food is spaced out enough that I got to enjoy everything without getting full so fast.

My recent refill for my prenatals made breathing difficult. I think I reacted to something. So my doctor's office told me I could take Flintstones chewable vitamins and folic acid. Mom got me folic acid that disolves in my mouth. Yeay! These are vitamins I can handle.

This weekend I am going to Bakersfield, CA to get coached and sing with my quartet. We leave Thursday after work. I have a feeling I will be sleeping the whole way there if I can get comfortable. I am very tired right now. 15 minutes until I can leave work!!! I am meeting Mom at the mall to look for black flats I can wear to work etc. I'm hungry. Hopefully I will get there early enough to grab a snack... night all!

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