Saturday, May 3, 2008


I know. My titles are extremely imaginative at this point. Relax, its just the beginning. I am sure future titles will be filled with wit once all the weirdness starts.
So last night after work I went to see Iron Man with my IT etc friends. My sister got up from wherever she was sitting as soon as she saw me and found us seats together. Its interesting how much she seems to actually like me and want to be around these days. Its a nice change. I like her like this. Despite her medical issues, she seems happy. The movie was good. I liked it. I hadn't been to see a movie in about 3 months or so. That might be a record for me. I love going to the movies. Heather asked me if I was still pregnant. I told her that I told Mom and Gary.
Its sad but I almost feel uncomfortable around that crowd right now because I can't let them know and its all that is on my mind. Joe's brother John is in that crowd. So are his cousins, and I like them and I think Jules would be cool with it all, although I don't know her well enough to say that for sure. If they find out, we think it will get back to Joe's parents and he doesn't even want to bring it up around them as a possibility until we are sure its happening. You know... that whole first trimester thing. I am only 5 weeks right now (as of today).
I'm glad my family, quartet, and close work friends know because that is who I spend the most time with and I don't want to hav to hide stuff all the time. It severely bothers me.
In other news, the movie last night was at the new Rave theaters in Town Square. I like that place! I think i will go there more.

update on the physical stuff: 156lbs, still get tired, hungry at odd times or not hungry at all when normally am, occaional constipation and what I am calling hot flashes although the women experiencing those say its not the same as actual hot flashes. Mine feel like fever flashes or like I have an internal heater set at high.

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