Monday, May 12, 2008

Brent and Lauren's Wedding in MN/Mother's Day Weekend

I took off work on Friday and flew to Minnesota. I had not been there before. On the way there I had a layover in Denver. I've decided I don't like flying. My head spins and I feel nauseous during turbulence and landing. Or any sharp-ish turns they do. I can't look out the window either. It was pretty hard. I forced myself to eat while in Denver and it helped with the nausea. I was so tired.

Joe showed me the house he grew up in and his former college. Very cool. Friday night we ordered room service and crashed. The wedding on Saturday was great. Joe got mobbed with people happy to see him. I think it was very good for him to reconnect with people who know him and like him for who he is. I really liked all of them. They were extremely nice and fun people. Joe told Rob and Brent about the minihuman and their seperate immediate reactions were extatic. It was awesome. It was so great to be able to talk about it openly with people who were as happy about it as we are.

I can't say anything to the Vegas people because it will get back to Joe's parents before he is ready to tell them. Its hard for me. I want to be allowed to be openly excited. I am also trying to keep myself in check because it is only week 6 and the first trimester is tricky. Joe knows his parents will not react well so he doesn't want to say anything until after the first trimester. I understand. I just wish my friends weren't related to him at this point. I even worry about saying anything to swing people because Kayla is in both circles. I guess I could just talk to her seperately and explain things.

Mom says that I am likely to stay pregnant. That our family doesn't seem to have problems in that area. Mom and Dad both came from big families.

Gary got me a pregnancy book that goes week by week and he wants me to take a picture of my belly every day or so because he thinks it would be neat to put them together in a flip book. I think that would be cool too. Mom and Grandma picked me up from the airport and the book was in a bag on my seat. I'm not telling Grandma and the rest of the family until after the 1st trimester. And I want to be the one who sends out the announcement. I don't want it going through the rumor mill. Mom, Grandma and I ate at Kona Grill and then rented 27 Dresses. It was a nice night.

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