Tuesday, September 16, 2008

week 24

So we had our follow-up ultrasound. The water level was lower than it was a month ago so we have a follow-up ultrasound to check water levels in two weeks. In addition, they now say that she is small... 11% weight class for gestation age or something like that. Now they want to do Non-stress tests twice a week and have me see a specialist. On Friday they said high-risk pregnancy doc consult but today when they called to tell me my appointment is tomorrow, they called the appointment an appointment with a specialist. I guess I will find out actual titles tomorrow.

So that's the update. I will keep the blog updated as we find out more information. Joe is really nervous because his experience in the ER has shown him all the bad things that can happen. I am saying she is just small. My mom and his mom are both 5'4"(nope still haven't met her) and I am 5'5". I was also born early and was 6lbs 2oz so maybe its genetic.

Night for now.

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