Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Doctors Appointment Today

This morning was interesting. They did another ultrasound only this time it was with the specialist. She wants to see me in 2 weeks. I am supposed to eat more and drink more and if there isn’t improvement in 2 weeks she is going to start limiting my activity. She also wants me to take children’s aspirin for blood flow.

My dad had heart surgery 2 years ago (at 49) for small veins, not cholesterol, and his brother had the same surgery a few years before. My dad now suspects his mother may have died of the same thing because they didn’t have the tests they have now, which means I may have the heart thing too. The specialist said that the type of veins in the heart are also found in the brain and placenta so if the veins aren’t functioning properly, it could be limiting the blood flow to the baby. If that is the case, the baby would limit blood flow to her kidneys in order to keep enough blood flowing through her brain and heart. Limited blood flow to the kidneys would mean less amniotic fluid being produced by the baby which means low water level. So right now we are working off the theory that its one of two things. The eating/drinking thing, or the blood flow thing.

Now I just have to make sure that the specialist/high risk office is communicating with the OB office because I don’t want to be scheduled for redundant appointments. I will have to check with the OB office because right now they have me scheduled for “Non-stress tests” twice a week for two weeks starting Tuesday and the time of the appointments suck scheduling-wise.

In other news, no one can locate the results of my blood work back in June. I guess it wasn’t in my chart so the doc is going to call the lab. Craziness! But I really feel like I am getting people with experience and communication skills looking into things now verses before… I really felt like I had to push for information from the NP who was handling me until now. I didn’t know what to ask because I haven’t done this before and she didn’t provide info unless I asked her specific questions. It was very frustrating. Once she started showing my ultrasounds to my doctor, all this stuff started happening. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting to be sent to a high risk doc but I feel better knowing that a problem was noticed before it was too late.

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