Monday, September 1, 2008

Update!!! Now on week 22

Hello all!
Okay so... at week 19 I started feeling some kicking. Now, she definitely kicks. I have days with energy and days without. Work is hard because I need to eat more frequently and I wish I had the ability to nap. And now she thinks its fun to kick my bladder.

Work has been stressful. I have an impossible client that I can't wait to get rid of. Complete nightmare. My only redemption is that anyone else that deals with this client or anything they send to me quickly remarks on the insanity. It helps to truly see that its not in my head. The client was even rude to my Director! That makes me angry... its bad enough the client shows a complete lack of respect for me and treats me as their personal secretary, but to treat my Director that way? What the heck? Anyway... this is one client I refuse to work late for. I'll do what is required of me because I am good at my job, but I don't sacrifice MY personal time for a client that does not appreciate me, respect me, and abuses the client position.

Well, sorry for the rant. In other news, Mom has started helping me go through all the stuff in the 2nd bedroom that will become the baby's room. We got rid of a lot of bags of clothes weekend before last. Now I need to get rid of all the old costumes I don't use.

Ami is starting to plan the baby shower... so much fun! I'm trying to decide who to invite that would not feel pressured into going but would want to go, and trying not to miss anyone that would feel slighted. I know that many of my family members probably won't be able to go because they live so far away AND I'm going to see people at Thanksgiving which is 2-3 weeks or so after the shower depending on what date we choose.

Ack! dead tired and I have to pee again.. night all!

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