Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Baby on the way! Now 21 weeks! and River updates!

I know I should have updated this long ago. I will have to add the story of River being born and finding out that we are pregnant again, but for now, BABY 2 IS ON THE WAY! Its a boy and he is due 12/26.
Things different about this pregnancy:
Carrying lower, rounder, and more in front (everyone says are you having a boy before I can tell them)
Ate pickles and salty things in the begining to feel better... wanting mexican food and orange soda... which is odd since I am not really a soda drinker and when I am its not orange.
Don't really crave sweets.. just chocolate here and there. With River it was milk products constantly.. which is odd since we can't give her a lot of milk now or she gets an upset stomach.
Anyway.. we are excited! :D

Oh and Volker no longer delivers so we changed to Dr. Brill. 2 appointments in and he's great! Lots of info... Talks fast like me... Joe says its like watching 2 squirrels have a conversation and he can't always follow. haha.

All parents know. Joe's parents took it well this time and seem genuinely excited which is awesome! ;D

River updates:
While on vacation River picked up "wow". She says "wow" and we have to look at what she's "wow"ing to see if its something we need to take away or what... she's very generous with her "wow"s, which may be indicative of how "wow" worthy everything is for a toddler.
She has also picked up "Awesome!" and uses her name a lot more. For example... she said "River Awesome!" without any prompting (yeay self confidence!) and says "Daddy Awesome" and "Mommy Awesome" etc. Its so cute! It sounds more like Awesommmmmme... hee hee.
Oh and I bought a portable DVD player for the trip.. what a wonderful decision. Car rides became a whole lot easier. She even laughed at a movie she hadn't seen when she was watching by herself! (squirrel scene in Disney's Sword in the Stone) I think we are getting closer to being able to go to a kids movie with her and I think she is comprehending more from what she watches.
Elmo is still her favorite... he went EVERYWHERE with us on vacation.

I promise I will be better at blogging about our little ones for our family. :)

At our ultrasound they didn't get a good shot of his heart so we are going back on 9/3. I have a doc appt scheduled for this Friday but I think I am going to move it due to work demands... we will see.


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